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Justin Hart is quite pleased, but not really surprised that Scofield Reservoir has produced yet another tiger trout record.

"We know there are some big fish in Scofield. It is impressive that it is basically a 20 percent increase from the previous record," said Hart, the lead fisheries biologists for the DWR's southeastern region.

The monster trout, officially weighed and measured today by a DWR fisheries biologist at the Springville office, shattered the record set last year, tipping the scales at 18 pounds and four ounces. The tiger, a hybrid between a brook and a brown trout, was 32 3/4 inches long and caught by Chris Nilson of Benjamin. The record will be verified by the Salt Lake office soon.The standing record, a 15-pound and 32 1/4 inch trout, was caught by Trent Peery was caught on Feb. 16, 2012."That's a heck of fish and not that far from the world record," Hart said of the 18-pounder. "I'd be curious to know if that was one of the first fish we stocked in 2005. If it is, imagine what we might see if those fish live a couple more years?"The existing IGFA all-tackle record was caught in 1978 in Wisconsin and weighed 20-pounds 13-ounces.