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They said it couldn't be done. Most doctors say it shouldn't be done.

On Monday, James Snead became the first person to conquer the Lucky 13 Challenge, devouring two massive hamburgers and a side of fries at the Lucky 13, a bar in Salt Lake City.

The challenge consists of eating the Big Benny Burger (listed as "a foot-tall burger with bacon, ham, cheese, sauteed onions, Lucky 13 Sauce, and 28 ounces of fresh ground chuck") and the flaming-hot Lucky 13 Burger (which is 14 ounces of ground chuck, with roasted habaneros and Belizean habanero paste, stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches — topped with sauteed onions, and roasted jalapeƱos and habaneros), along with a plate of fries. All in an hour. Without puking or leaving your seat.

Snead did it with less than two minutes to spare, according to the bar's Facebook page. For his efforts, Snead received $1,000 — which will buy a whole lot of Rolaids.

Now that the Lucky 13 Challenge has been completed, the bar is bringing in the pros to do it even faster. Two professional competitive eaters — Miki Sudo and Jamie "The Bear" McDonald — will be taking on the big burgers on Wednesday, March 13. The event happens at 4 p.m. at the Lucky 13, 135 W. 1300 South, Salt Lake City (just west of Spring Mobile Ballpark).

The pros will be tasked with eating both burgers and the fries in 30 minutes or less. If they both do it, each will get $1,000. If neither completes in time, whoever finishes first will take the $1,000 prize.