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They thought they had found a corpse, but instead they found themselves in trouble.

Two men were in Provo Canyon when they thought they spotted a body, so they found and alerted a pair of Utah County Sheriff's deputies in the parking lot of Canyon Glenn Park. They led the deputies to the spot in Lower Bridal Veil Falls Park where it turned out the "body" was just a female lying in the grass.

While a deputy was talking to the friends, he smelled marijuana and noticed several signs of drug use — at least one of them had bloodshot eyes, droopy eyelids and was lethargic, according to a jail document filed in Provo's 4th District Court.

The deputy thanked the friends for letting them know about the suspicious person, then asked if he could search their vehicle.

"[One of them] told me that I really didn't need to because there was nothing in there but if I wanted to it was fine," the deputy wrote in the jail document. The officer and the other deputy found marijuana, black tar heroin and drug paraphernalia inside, according to the statement.

The friends admitted they had smoked heroin before leaving for the park, then used a Red Bull can to smoke marijuana after they arrived, the document adds.

Both men were arrested and booked into the Utah County jail on suspicion of drug charges.

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