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The crowd-funding drive for Richard Dutcher's "The Boys at the Bar" met its goal over the weekend — only now there's another twist.

Dutcher proclaimed victory Saturday on his Facebook page, after donations to fund post-production on his new comedy went over the $30,000 goal.

On Sunday, though, Kickstarter temporarily suspended the campaign, citing a dispute over intellectual property.

Apparently, one of the student filmmakers who signed up as a producer on the film is claiming copyright over some of the behind-the-scenes footage he shot of the film's production.

Dutcher, for his part, claims the footage is owned by the production, and that this producer was dismissed. (Dutcher also makes some claims The Cricket cannot repeat, lest he be subject to a libel lawsuit.) Dutcher also reassures his fans and investors (which, in this case, are the same thing) that his lawyer is on the case, and things should be resolved shortly.

This is just the latest wrinkle for Dutcher's Kickstarter campaign, which made news earlier this month when Dutcher fasted for 12 days to focus his attention on (and draw media coverage to) the crowd-funding drive.