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One-fourth of all children under 5 are chronically undernourished. Tuesday was World Hunger Day, an opportunity to reflect on what it would mean if your child faced starvation or stunted growth due to lack of nutrition.

This malnutrition can be prevented. Preventable childhood deaths have been cut by 42 percent in the past two decades, and America has an incredible opportunity to dramatically reduce even greater malnutrition in children.

By facilitating basic nutrition for those in greatest need around the world, we can rescue millions of lives and give this next generation the strength and empowerment to pursue its dreams and live productive lives.

As a state that deeply values children, it would be morally untenable and hypocritical for us to take the side of apathy and unconcern. I call on America to pledge $450 million per year for the next three years for global support of nutrition for children. This represents a tiny fraction of a percent of the U.S. budget, yet its impact would be tremendous.

Kris Zyp

Cottonwood Heights