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Fresh on the heels of a their new National Geographic show, the Centennial Park group was featured this week in a piece by ABC News.

The report appeared Tuesday and offers some brief background on the group, which is based just down the road from the Short Creek area on the Utah-Arizona border. However, much of the piece uses the Cawley family — including patriarch Michael and daughter Rose Marie — to explore topics including marriage and the criminalization of polygamy.

Not surprisingly, the people quoted in the article express a desire to see polygamy decriminalized and say they are tired of being grouped with other polygamist groups.

"The polygamist lifestyle is illegal in all 50 states," the article states, "but residents of Centennial Park say they allowed our cameras into their home because they want to show just how average and normal their lives are."

The article also finishes on an overtly feminist note, quoting town elder Arthur Hammon as saying he knows "of no greater freedom for a woman than living in a responsible, caring polygamist home."

— Jim Dalrymple II