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The liberties that the local police departments and local courts are taking into their own hands at the expense of private property owners are appalling.

Many are familiar with city officers parked on private property without permission in order to radar speeders on a local street. In Logan, many police officers take advantage of the plethora of Latter-day Saint meetinghouse parking lots, even though local LDS leaders ask them not to. The city of Logan has condoned this illegal activity.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is explicit in its rules for parking lot use: "Local leaders, at their discretion, may restrict the use of parking lots, sidewalks, or any part of the facility from activities that might put participants in physical danger, cause damage to the facility, disturb surrounding neighbors, or unduly expose the Church to liability."

Many LDS Church buildings have signs posted that read: "Right to pass or use only by permission and subject to control of owner," but many officers overlook such signs.

Logan finds no fault in its officers using private property in order to radar the speed of cars. This condoning of illegal activity will eventually lead to further corrupt ideologies.

Gordon Hoffman