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Many record-breaking temperatures this summer. Dangerous ozone levels. We are the frog in the water which is heating up. But we are also the one heating the water. If you care for the Earth, if you have children, you have to be concerned.

Maybe it's time for confession. Maybe people of faith need to confess that we have been complicit in not loving the world. Our LDS sisters and brothers have it right when they say, "This is the place." This is the place, and if we can't love it here, if we can't change our actions to move toward sustainability and a much smaller carbon footprint in all that we do, then it won't matter.

Confession calls a thing what it is and then moves toward action. Perhaps we are moving to that tipping point where pain and loss will push us to action. I hope so.

Jeffrey LoudenPastor, St. Matthew's Lutheran Church