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The mysterious arrest of a Grand County sheriff's Deputy in July turns out to be the result of a fit of rage after he allegedly caught his father, the Moab fire chief, in bed with his wife.

Timothy "T.J." Brewer, 33, has since been charged in 7th District Court with misdemeanor counts of assault and assault against a peace officer. The details were laid bare Friday after the release of a Moab police report obtained by the news website Talking Points Memo.

According to the report, Brewer sent his father, Wesley "Corky" Brewer, to the hospital and assaulted his wife after he caught the two having sex in the bedroom of one of his children on July 11. Brewer's wife told police that he beat up his father "really bad." She told investigators that Brewer then left and got a pistol, which he first pointed at her, but ultimately used to pistol-whip his father.

Doctors also treated Corky Brewer for a stab wound, a broken rib and a collapsed lung, but police reported that the stab wound may have been self-inflicted. Corky Brewer was life-flighted to St. Mary's Regional Hospital in Grand Junction, Colo. The investigation into the stab wound and other aspects of the case has since been turned over to the Utah County Sheriff's Office.

According to the report, Moab police were first called to the emergency room of Moab Regional Hospital, where Corky Brewer was being treated. Officers found Timothy Brewer arguing in the parking lot with his uncle, Curt Brewer. Timothy Brewer allegedly told the officers to go away and threatened to beat them up. But eventually, he calmed down enough to tell investigators about allegedly catching his wife cheating on him with his father. Brewer allegedly admitted that he got angry and beat up his father, and said several times that he wanted to get a gun and "finish the job." Corky Brewer, meanwhile, was inside the hospital being treated for a knife wound.

At one point while talking to officers, Timothy Brewer, who was shirtless and barefoot, allegedly took off in a dead sprint toward the hospital entrance, with family and friends having to physically restrain him. Officers reported smelling the odor of alcohol on his breath. Throughout the ordeal, Brewer was allegedly belligerent toward the Moab officers, threatening to assault them and at one point calling them "dumb ass city cop(s)."

The officers nevertheless accompanied Timothy Brewer back to his home from the hospital so he could make sure his children were OK. On the way, the man reportedly broke down crying, saying that he had lost everything.

"He stated he had lost everything that mattered to him," the report reads. "His beautiful wife, his kids, his father."

The report states that Brewer alternated between calm and rage during the evening. At one point, he decided to walk back to the hospital, but when an officer stood in his way to stop him, Brewer allegedly charged the officer and hit him with his shoulder. At that point, officers forced Brewer to the ground and arrested him.

Brewer was booked that night into the San Juan County Jail and was released two days later on a court order without posting bail. Among the conditions of his release was an order to not have any contact with his wife or his father. His release documents state that Brewer is now living with his sister in Ferron.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 6.

According to Talking Points Memo , both Brewer and his father have since resigned from their respective positions.

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