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"One more thing. . ."

Apple's iconic co-founder, the late Steve Jobs, used to famously conclude a press event with those words and reveal "one more thing," a final product that would usually wow the audience.

On Tuesday at 11 a.m., Apple is unveiling the latest version of its iPhone, possibly named the "iPhone 5S." It's rumored that it will come in a new gold or "champagne" color as well as have a faster processor, better camera and possibly a fingerprint sensor for security. Apple also is poised to introduce a new low-cost version of the iPhone, possibly called the "iPhone 5C," that will be similar in specifications to this year's iPhone 5 but with a cheaper plastic backing that also will come in other colors.

But what about other Apple products?

It's more than likely that the Cupertino, Calif., company will introduce more from its stable of products than just the next iPhone and a new low-cost phone. Apple has a myriad of devices that are due for a refresh in the fall. Here's a list of what else Apple could unveil on stage in addition to the new phones. Note that this is pure speculation on my part and not based on evidence of leaked parts or inside rumors. (And the "one more thing" bit may have died with Steve Jobs because current Apple CEO Tim Cook hasn't used it since 2011).

iPods • The most likely unveiling is a refresh of the iPods, Apple's portable music player. That's because ever since the introduction of the newest iPhones switched from the summer to September a few years ago, the new iPods have been part of that presentation.

Not much has been said about what the new iPods will feature, but it's a safe bet that the iPod nano and shuffle will get upgrades for the same price. Perhaps they will come in more colors and come with an increase in storage size, but they likely will not change in form. Then again, they could also phase out one or both lines altogether.

A trickier question is the iPod touch, the touchscreen version that is like the iPhone but without the phone. Apple introduced a new low-cost 16-gigabyte model with no rear camera last May, so that might not change.

But the regular 32- and 64- gigabyte models of the touch could get a processor upgrade. And while the iPhone gets a fingerprint sensor, I can't imagine why one would be necessary for the touch.

iMacs • The last time Apple released a new version of its popular desktop computer was last November. And it was a big upgrade with a new case design. It's possible a new line of iMacs could be introduced with just a processor upgrade, but it's more likely to be introduced during a second Apple event in October or even later.

Mac Pro • If you're a graphic artist, video editor, or serious power user, you've been waiting for a new Mac Pro, Apple's high-end graphics station for professionals, for years. Apple finally unveiled the new Mac Pro, a black cylindrical powerhouse computer, last summer during the Worldwide Developers Conference but has not yet announced when it would be released or at what price. All we know is that it will come out later this year.

A real possibility is that Apple on Tuesday will finally announce the release date and price for what will be a very expensive piece of hardware.

MacBook Pro • I've been telling people not to get a MacBook Pro laptop computer right now. That's because it's high time they got a refresh, and a good one is coming. The MacBook with the higher-resolution Retina Display was revised last February, but the non-Retina laptop was last updated June 2012. They're due.

So Apple could very well announce a new lineup of MacBook Pros on Tuesday and if so, this should be a huge jump. The new line is supposed to get a next-generation chip, codenamed "Haswell," that was put in the latest MacBook Air laptops last summer. The new processor gives a computer a big increase in battery life because it consumes less power. Any new computers announced today and in October at Apple's expected second event also will come with the newest version of its OSX operating system called "Maverick."

Apple TV • Apple's set top box for televisions, which can play movies and music from iTunes as well as run a small number of apps, is definitely due for an upgrade. It's been a year and a half since the last Apple TV was unveiled. What would be most welcome is if the box finally did what users have always wanted — for it to run iPhone and iPad apps on your TV.

iPad • If there was an electronic god, he or she would allow Apple to introduce a new line of its computer tablets on Tuesday. But alas, Apple has traditionally unveiled the latest iPad and iPad mini in a separate event in October.

But when they are announced, both will see a change in the case design as well as have faster processors. More importantly, the iPad mini could finally get a higher-resolution Retina Display.

iWatch • Think of this as the ultimate "one more thing" announcement. For more than year, there has been mounting evidence that Apple has been working on a smartwatch that will give the user notifications when tethered to an iPhone. It's the most anticipated new product for Apple enthusiasts as "wearable computing" becomes an increasingly popular idea. There have been no new rumors lately regarding the supposed "iWatch," so either Apple is planning a release for later or the company has gotten really good at plugging the leaks.

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