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Esquire magazine has turned 80 and to celebrate the anniversary, the magazine set out to create a portfolio called "The Life of Man," 80 original photographs of actors, sports icons, musicians, politicians, and presidents, ages 80 to one.

The list of musicians featured in the portrait include Willie Nelson (80), Tim McGraw (46), Blake Shelton (37), Eddie Van Halen (58), Dr. Dre (48), Jason Derulo (24), Greyson Chance (16) and Ethan Bortnick (13).

Here are a few highlights from the issue, as well as a link to the gallery on The issue hits stands September 17.

Each were asked about either the best day of their life so far, the best advice they've ever gotten, or what they are most looking forward to:

Willie Nelson – Best advice – "An ex-father-in-law gave it to me. 'Take my advice and do what you want.' "

Dr. Dre – Best advice – "To protect my B's: my babe, my body, and my business."

Tim McGraw – Best advice – "Was from Johnny Paycheck, a country singer. He looked at me right in eye and said, 'Son, always go hard and fast, so when you hit the ditch, you can come out on the other side."

Blake Shelton – Most looking forward to – "November. It's my favorite month of the year. Because I like it when s___ dies."

Eddie Van Halen – Best advice - "Was from my father at an early age when we were making music. I would make mistakes, and I would ask, 'What do you do?' And he'd say, in Dutch, 'Gewoon door blijven gaan,' which means 'Don't stop and don't let the audience know you made a mistake.' "