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The Utah Division of Environmental Response and Remediation has launched a new searchable database that allows the public to access information on environmental incidents.

The Environmental Incidents Database at allows searches of things such as chemical spills. Information contained in the database includes details of the incident, the agency providing oversight, the material spilled and what has been impacted, as well as response actions and closure details.

The database also allows local health departments to update site cleanup progress and incident closure where they provided the primary oversight.

"Access to this information helps local health departments and other agencies to better respond to environmental incidents in their jurisdictions," said Brent Everett, director of DERR. "Now the general public will also have the ability to track cleanup progress and pinpoint more recent incident locations and information."

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality tracks environmental incidents through a 24-hour call-in number, 801-536-4123.

For more information on reporting routine and more significant environmental incidents, visit .