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Utah and BYU fans might be talking about the video that shows Utah football players supposedly performing a mock baptism, but Utah coach Kyle Whittingham is remaining tight-lipped on the subject.

Whittingham, who released a statement Wednesday saying there was no malice or disrespect intended to any religion or rite, declined to discuss the matter more following Wednesday's practice.

"There is nothing more to say other than I'm satisfied with what we've said so far," he said.

Whittingham said the video and all the social media uproar involving it wouldn't be a distraction.

"We had a great practice today," he said.

The video was initially posted in August, then reposted this week.

Jake Murphy, who earlier in the day posted a statement on his twitter feed that the move was to see if the player would go all the way under the water in the ice tub, said the coaches addressed the issue with the team.

"They told us this is what is going on and why we need to be careful," he said. "You have to respect that."

Keeton vs. Hill

The Utes faced one mobile quarterback in Utah State's Chuckie Keeton; now comes another in the form of BYU's Taysom Hill. So which is better? Utah defensive end Trevor Reilly said he is having a hard time comparing the two because of their different styles.

"Chuckie can move but his chances were off scrambles and not set runs and it seems like a lot of BYU's are a lot of set run plays," he said.

What the Utes saw in Keeton, who Reilly coined a "special dude," was also a very accurate passer, something that Hill hasn't demonstrated so far.

"We aren't sure yet if Taysom is the same kind of passer and we hope he isn't and the same kind of stuff on film shows up Saturday," Reilly said. "But we still need to be able to stop the run."

Not a good memory

The last time Utah co-offensive coordinator Dennis Erickson took a team to Provo was 1990, when BYU upset defending national champion Miami, 28-21.

BYU quarterback Ty Detmer completed 38 of 54 passes for 406 yards and three touchdowns with one interception.

"Ty Detmer won the Heisman Trophy and he never has thanked me," Erickson said.