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ABC's Lucky 7 (Tuesday, 9 p.m., Ch. 4) is about a group of working-class friends who win a huge lottery prize ... and they're not happy.These are people who really need the money. One of them, Matt (Matt Long), is so desperate for cash that he's ready to turn to crime to keep his pregnant girlfriend from leaving him.Matt's ex-con brother, Nicky (Louis Grush), owes a lot of money to some bad people. Nicky has a crush on Samira (Summer Bishil). a talented musician who can't afford to go to Julliard.Denise (Lorraine Bruce)is struggling to lose weight and repair her crumbling marriage. Leanne (Anastasia Phillips) is a single mother trying to put her past behind her. Bob (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) is a nice guy who wants to help all his friends. And Antonio (Luis Antonio Ramos) wants a better life for his wife and their three children.They all work at a gas station, which seems to have a whole lot of employees. They have been chipping in to buy lottery tickets for years without ever winning much.Until now, when they're suddenly rolling in millions.But it doesn't make anyone happy. The only spark of joy in this dreary series is Bruce, the lone holdover from the British series on which this is based.Yes, TV can be serious. But it should also be entertaining.This is a drab downer of a show filled with characters who are, for the most part, hard to connect with. The money-can't-but-happiness message is delivered with all the subtIety of a baseball bat to the side of the head.It's hard to see that "Lucky 7" is going any place viewers will want to go, too.