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Revolution is back. New night (Wednesday), new time (7 p.m.), same channel (NBC/Ch. 5).But it's difficult to imagine that it's going to be around a whole lot longer because it is such a mind-numbing bore.The premise of "Revolution" is that everything electrical on Earth hasn't worked in years, so human civilization has regressed. What was once the United States has broken up into rival states that war with one anotherAnd, aided by a lead-in from "The Voice," the show did relatively well as it plodded through its first season. But it doesn't have that lead-in anymore.That a show filled with occasional bouts of action and extreme violence could be so deadly dull is difficult to comprehend. Hey, Season 1 ended with nuclear missiles being fired at Philadelphia and Atlanta.Season 2 opens several months after that. It's a bit of a reboot as the main characters find themselves in new situation and dealing with new bad guys.But, geez, the first couple of episodes are boring. And if you stick with it, there's a huge insult to your intelligence at the end of Wednesday's premiere.Hey, I am the audience for this show. I love this kind of stuff. Check that - I love this kind of stuff when it's well done.But "Revolution" remains a snooze.