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Government reopens as Congress finds compromise. Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox takes office. Matheson, Love raise same amount.

Happy Thursday. The Great Government Shutdown of 2013 is officially over as Congress funded the government and raised the debt limit until early next year. The 800,000 furloughed federal workers will return back to work, and federally funded programs will be up and running. [Trib] [WaPost] [CNN]

-> It's a sad day for conservatives who fought Obamacare and had hoped the fight would have earned them some concessions. "We're all pretty down," says Rep. Raul Labrador. "We tried," added Rep. Mick Mulvaney. "We lost."

Topping the news: Congratulations to Utah's new Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox. The Utah Senate unanimously confirmed him, and he was later sworn in by U.S. District Judge Ted Stewart in the Capitol Gold Room. [Trib] [DNews] [KUTV]

-> Rep. Jim Matheson and his Republican challenger Mia Love raised about the same amount in the last quarter for their 2014 showdown. [Trib] [KUTV]

Tweets of the day: From @matthew_piper: "To the Redskins/shutdown joke writers, there's something in there about which Washington institution punts more. You can do it."

From ‏@MonicaHesse: "So tomorrow officially becomes Take Your Fed to Work Day."

From @andresdavid: "Same time next crisis, guys?"

Happy birthday: To state Rep. Mike Noel.

Shutdown, over and done: As the House approved ending the shutdown, a stenographer stole the mic and ranted before being hauled off by the Sergeant-at-Arms. [CNN] [Politico]

-> Congress eventually reached a deal to keep the government open, but the Utah Legislature approved funding for national parks had the shutdown continued. [Trib] [DNews] [UtahPolicy]

-> With the shutdown over, President Barack Obama plans to push immigration and climate change policies, but has acknowledged that Republicans might oppose such efforts. [WaPost]

-> Rep. Rob Bishop says that erecting barriers at open-air monuments might have been illegal, while the head of the National Parks Service testified the lack of staff compelled him to close the gates to protect the national icons. [Trib]

-> Utah lawmakers have varying opinions of junior Sen. Mike Lee's role in the federal shutdown. [Fox13]

-> Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell may have got a sweetener in the end-the-shutdown measure. [WaPost]

-> Pat Bagley suggests Sen. Ted Cruz took his buddy Mike Lee out drinking and this is the result. [Trib]

In other news: Utah lawmakers are debating the state's alcohol laws, including the possibility of being the first state to lower the legal blood-alcohol content from .08 to .05. [Trib] [DNews] [Fox13]

-> Sandy City Council dropped the ban that moved protestors from gathering within 100 feet of their intended targets property line, reversing a decision made earlier in September. [Trib]

-> Utah cities and counties asked the Legislature to apply a new 3 percent local gas tax, which should raise gas prices by 10 cents. [Trib]

-> The Count My Vote initiative held its first public hearings with mixed reaction from residents, though most were in favor of it. [Trib] [DNews]

-> Utah lawmakers are considering ending the personal exemption tax which requires larger families to pay more for education. [Trib]

-> Bryan Schott says he sees things going AG John Swallow's way and that he'll survive his full term as the investigations quiet down. [UtahPolicy]

-> Amid the public outcry against the medical-waste incinerator owned by Stericycle, Utah hospitals are re-evaluating their contracts with them and how they dispose of their medical waste. [Trib]

-> The West Point City Council unanimously banned roosters within residential zones of the city; hens are still allowed. [Trib]

Nationally: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel apologized to Medal of Honor recipient William Swenson for the 19 month delay in receiving the award because the Army mishandled the paperwork. [WaPost]

-> Newark Mayor Cory Booker won the special Senate election in New Jersey, defeating Republican challenger Steve Lonegan with a 55 percent majority. [WaPost] [CNN]

-> Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is appearing in New Hampshire again next month, giving a lecture on Asia-U.S. affairs. [Patch]

Where are they?

Gov. Gary Herbert attends the LATINA Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, holds his Economic Council meeting, volunteers at the Utah Food Bank and interviews 4th District Judicial candidates.

SL Co. Mayor Ben McAdams attends the United Way of Salt Lake lunch, meets with Deputy Mayor Nichole Dunn and speaks at the Mayor's Diversity Dinner.

WVC Mayor Mike Winder celebrates the Utah fall recess.

President Barack Obama speaks about the bipartisan agreement to reopen the government and holds a bilateral meeting with the President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic Enrico Letta.

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— Thomas Burr and Jordan Bailey