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Imagine Dragons has prompted many discussions about what it means to be a Utah band, but the group's latest video is all about the Beehive State.

Or, more specifically, Provo — where Imagine Dragons began.

"On Top of the World," released Wednesday, shows the band gathering together to stage a moon landing, only to have it end with a concert. The four-minute video also shows off several prominent spots in Provo, which, with the help of a friend, I've identified and marked on the Google map above. Click the red icons to read about what the spots are in real life, their history and how one of them is haunted. (Depending on the size of your monitor you may need to zoom out to see all the markers.)

The video also includes a handful of other interesting easter eggs for fans. Here are a few that I noticed:

• Lead singer Dan Reynold's wife in the video is played by his wife in real life, Aja Volkman of the excellent — and sometimes criminally underrated — band Nico Vega. Comments on Nico Vega's Facebook page also indicate that their baby in the video is their real-life baby, Arrow.

• About seven seconds in, the video shows a crowd of people looking in a window. The guy in the back on the left with curly hair appears to be Robert Connelly, the guitarist for Fictionist — also a Provo band.

• The group of hippies that appear about 30 seconds into the video includes Jeremy Warner, a filmmaker and comedian who among many other things helped write that Gotye-Star Wars parody that went viral last year.

• State Route 237, which appears about 50 seconds in, used to run through Cache County. However, the route was discontinued and renamed in 2007. Many other states also have routes with that same name.

I'm sure there are plenty of other people, places and references I didn't catch, so let me know in the comments below what else stands out.

Update: A friend on Twitter helpfully pointed out that actor Whit Hertford — of "Jurassic Park" fame — makes an appearance in the video. Commenters have also pointed out that Jon Heder, of "Napolean Dynamite," and members of the band New Electric Sound have cameos as well.

Update 2: Last night, a reader pointed out to me probably the best, but most subtle, cameo in the video: Corey Fox appears to be standing next to the hippie bus about 30 seconds in. If this reader is right (and I agree with her), he's the guy in a pink shirt and the multi-color beanie. Fox is kind of the godfather of Provo music, running Velour, shepherding bands on to commercial success and even carving out a second career as a video producer (more on that later).

— Jim Dalrymple II