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In a spectacular display of judicial activism, Judge Dale Kimball, at the behest of the rich political environmentalist lobby, has again acted to disenfranchise Utahns from public lands ("Court strikes down BLM travel plan," Tribune, Nov. 4).

You might recall this judge also closed the Salt Creek Road, banning the aged and handicapped from ever again seeing the spectacular Angel Arch.

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, with its millions, seething with religious fanaticism and making use of good friends in the media and judiciary, will soon totally control our public lands.

Federal judges view life through the looking glass where reality morphs into a make-believe world of biased arguments and phony testimony. They don't have the slightest idea about the impact their commandments have on real people who live in the real world.

The ultimate goal is the resurrection of the "king's forest" of old where only the chosen royalty was allowed entry and all others were banished. In those days violators were executed, but now they are only subject to massive fines and imprisonment.

Judge Kimball's decision further illuminates the need to put federal lands under state control and impose term limits for judges.

Rainer Huck

Salt Lake City