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We don't have an NFL team yet in Utah, but we may be going to the Super Bowl anyway.

That's because a new Utah-based Doritos commercial is vying for a spot during America's biggest sports event. The commercial is part of the Crash the Super Bowl competition, which basically crowd sources the selection process for the tortilla chip company's advertising.

Filmmaker Tyler Dixon created the commercial and posted it to YouTube Sunday. It's his third bid to get his work into Super Bowl.

The commercial also stars Jeremy Warner — he's the dramatically mustachioed guy on the shelf — an actor-writer-filmmaker who recently appeared in Imagine Dragons' latest video. I happen to know Warner, who currently lives in Provo, so I ran a few questions by him last night about the new Doritos commercial. Here's the lowdown:

Tribune • Obviously, you star in this commercial, but did you have other involvement?

Jeremy Warner • I pretty much just acted in it and offered a little input, like blowing a raspberry as I went down the ant hill.

T • Who are the other people involved?

JW • The commercial was written, directed and produced by Tyler Dixon, produced by Josh Aker and shot by Mark Andersen. Tyler also plays the husband and Erin Chambers McKay plays the wife. Tyler has been a finalist in the Crash the Super Bowl competition for the past three years.

T • What is the goal of this commercial?

JW • The commercial was made to hopefully win the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest and air during the Super Bowl.

T • Where was this commercial shot?

JW • The commercial was shot in Salt Lake City, St. George and Orem.

T • Explain to me the vote/rating system.

JW • I believe that for now people can rate the commercials and then from there the finalists are chosen and then voting begins among those finalists. That's what my understanding is at least.

T • Anything else people should know?

JW • To drop into the cave, I had to climb a ladder, grab onto a rope and pull myself up into a fetal position about six feet in the air. Then they moved the ladder, and I would drop to ground and land on my feet whilst holding two bags of Doritos. I did that for about an hour. It was a great workout routine. I hope people enjoy it.

— Jim Dalrymple II

Twitter: @jimmycdii