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A Kearns man who allegedly ran around naked in a Costco parking lot and bit a police dog last month failed to appear in court on Tuesday.

After the 27-year-old man did not show up for a status hearing, a 3rd District Court judge issued a $25,000 arrest warrant.

The man was charged last month with injuring or interfering with a police service animal, a third-degree felony, as well as lewdness, interference with an arresting officer and disorderly conduct, which are misdemeanors.

On Oct. 28, a West Valley City officer arrived at the parking lot at 3747 S. Constitution Blvd. (2700 West) to find the man, naked, running toward the gas pumps yelling and screaming, according the charges. He kept yelling as he tried to rip the gas hoses off the pumps, the charges add.

The officer yelled at him to stop and get on the ground, but he kept pulling the hoses. He then turned to the officer and flexed his muscles and fists in a threatening manner, prompting the officer to order the naked man again to the ground or he would deploy a police dog, according to the charges.

The man then walked swiftly toward the officer, again in a threatening manner, at which point the officer let his police dog Lobo loose. The dog engaged the man, who in turn started biting the dog's neck and clawing at his face, the charges add.

The officer yelled at him to stop fighting the dog, but when the man ignored his command, the officer kicked him in the back. The kicks had no effect, and it was not until another officer arrived and deployed his Taser three times that the naked man stopped biting and clawing Lobo and got on the ground, according to the charges.

Lobo was not badly hurt and returned to work the next day, said Deputy Police Chief Mike Powell. The man had been bitten, but was not critically injured.

The man was released from jail on Nov. 15, after promising to appear in court.

During his first appearance on Nov. 25, the man's attorney said she wanted to explore "possible mental health issues," and the judge granted the motion.

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