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Thank you, Al Snyder, for your Forum letter "Saluting car thieves," Forum, Jan. 24). I was wondering if anyone else recognized the other criminal in those crimes. Oh, really … too cold to get into your car and wait a few minutes for your car to warm up while you drive to work? Good thing you live here, because you'd never survive the temperatures in the Northeast.

I'm appalled at the number of vehicles I see idling senselessly. These are just some of the clueless idlers I've witnessed: waiting for someone in a grocery store, idling in a parking lot while playing video games on their smart phones, sitting in a parking lot talking on their cellphones.

What part of the connection between vehicle emissions and our air quality don't these people get? It's irked me to the point that I now tap on their vehicle windows and ask them to please turn off their keys since we have some of the worst air in the country. Duh!

God help us if we should be inconvenienced to endure a few chilly or warm minutes while sitting in our vehicles!

Karen Hamilton

Salt Lake City