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About 4,000 attended the clean air rally at the capitol Saturday, showing the importance of air quality to Utahns ("Utah clean air rally draws thousands to capitol," Tribune, Jan. 25). Attending were Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, legislators like Sen. Jim Dabakis and others.

Where was Sen. Todd Weiler, who represents one of the districts where some of the major polluters are located? We know that, wherever he was, he found time to post a question on FaceBook: " many of the attendees drove their cars to the clean air rally..." Really, Senator? You actually had the temerity and audacity to imply that the attendees are hypocrites?

If you had made the effort to monitor these groups you would have been aware of the effort to remind people to use public transit, the effort of Lewis bus lines to provide transportation — gratis — of the UTA to accommodate, all in the spirit of cooperation! And if you had attended the event, you would have noticed the mostly empty parking lots. Four thousand people, and the parking lots weren't full!

I believe, Sen. Weiler, that an apology is in order, to the many sincere, concerned citizens you denigrated with your thoughtless post.

Bill Forbes