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There is more to the majority unease over full marriage equality for same-sex relationships than simple religious bigotry.

By now most would agree that same-sex attraction is biologically based and genuine. Yet some are quick to derisively condemn as learned religious bigotry the feelings of the large majority of opposite-sex attraction who are uncomfortable, embarrassed and confounded with open homosexuality.

Why is it thought that in the first case the reason is biological and innate, while in the other it would be frivolous social conditioning, angrily attributed to religion?

Truth is that what is true biologically of one would be equally true of the other. I can appreciate the frustration of those of same-sex attraction. Their stand on equal civil rights is constitutionally firm.

However, to dismiss the concerns of others over changing family values as little more than religious bigotry, when the real reason is more correctly separate gay and straight biological imperatives, is to seriously mischaracterize the issue.

Andrew McDonald