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Most people pick up The Salt Lake Tribune and see the news.

This month, Trish Hopkinson picks up the Tribune and sees poetry.

Hopkinson, a Provo poet, is one of 78 writers taking part in a project called Oulipost — created by the Found Poetry Review to mark April, National Poetry Month — to glean poetry out of newspaper clippings.

Hopkinson is posting her work on her blog.

Oulipost is inspired by the experimental writing practices of Oulipo, a group founded in France in 1960, which sets constrained writing techniques on its acolytes. The Oulipost project applies those constraints to newspaper text.

"Oulipo constraints provide poets a chance to break free from the restrictions and challenges they face in their everyday writing practices," said Jenni B. Baker, editor-in-chief of the Found Poetry Review, in a statement. "We're encouraging writers to be bold, take risks and write about topics they normally wouldn't touch."

Hopkinson is using the Tribune's pages and website for her source text.

"I love words and there's something very enjoyable and fascinating to read and pick out the ones that catch my eye for use in a new work. It's exciting to see what comes of the exercise," Hopkinson said in a statement.