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On May 10, a group from Blanding is planning an ATV ride into Recapture Wash to protest the BLM's closure of the area to motor vehicles. I have walked the wash from the Recapture Wash Dam downstream to a point where one can exit near south Blanding. This is a lovely and remarkable riparian habitat with beaver ponds and a multitude of breeding birds.

As a biologist, I have studied Southwestern riparian habitats for many decades and have found them to be among our most productive and important areas for wildlife. Invading such an area, especially during the height of bird breeding and nesting season, with noisy, motorized vehicles is a travesty. The BLM is correct in protecting this wildlife habitat from this kind of irresponsible activity.

I know that some will say that there are those who cannot enjoy the area unless assisted by motorized means. To this I say baloney. I am on Medicare and can still hobble down the path to enjoy the quiet and beauty of this special place. Even if I were not physically able to do this anymore, I could rejoice in the knowledge that a rare and unique place is being protected. I do not have to drive everywhere.

Keep up the good work, BLM.

Stewart Aitchison

Flagstaff, Ariz.