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So, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources wants a season on American Crows? What, are they a threat to humankind?

In my more cynical moments, I would wonder if the division is just desperate for money because the Legislature refuses to grant them a steady appropriation. Or perhaps they are trying to placate those who overdosed on gun and ammunition purchases after the 2012 election and who just have to have something else to shoot at. But that would mean Utah is pandering to killers, not hunters. They could, of course, adopt a new moniker of Division of WildDeath Resources ­— same acronym; wouldn't even need to change their logo.

Instead, I prefer to believe that someone in the division just has extremely poor judgment and is ignorant of how crows fit into the ecosystem. They also do not recognize how hard it can be to reliably discriminate between American Crows and Common Ravens (a federally protected species). And they certainly do not appreciate that crows tend to roost in urban areas, which would make hunting them a dangerous activity for city and town dwellers. Hopefully, someone in a decision-making capacity at the division will come to their senses and quash this foolish lark.

Bryan Dixon