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Try to outrun a police cruiser on a bicycle, and you could end up taking a tumble to the asphalt and spending a night in jail.

Salt Lake City police Detective Greg Wilkins said an officer witnessed a 20-year-old man speeding on his bicycle right through a red light at 800 South and 200 East.

However, when the officer activated his lights and siren and pulled behind the bike, the suspect sent his feet into a pedaling fury in an attempt to get away.

Rule of thumb: The typical 250-horsepower police car trumps a 1-humanpower bicycle, every time.

Anyway, the tiring bicyclist decided to stop, but a bit too suddenly; the cruiser couldn't stop in time to avoid bumping the rear of the bike, propelling the suspect to the street. The man jumped up and tried to run, but was quickly subdued.

"Trying to outrun a police car on a bicycle wasn't a decision that worked out too well for him," Wilkins said.

After being checked out by medical personnel, the suspect was arrested and police subsequently seized six baggies of methamphetamine. In addition, officers learned he was wanted on arrest warrants related to past drug and criminal trespassing offenses.

The suspect remained in Salt Lake County Jail on Tuesday in lieu of more than $38,000 bail, facing felony counts for controlled substance possession with intent to distribute and numerous misdemeanors for fleeing police and running a red light.

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