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Dante Exum is the new "it" guy for the Utah Jazz, a beacon of hope for a beleaguered NBA franchise building back to respectability.

It also turns out that Exum is a decent comedic actor, starring in a series of Foot Locker and Adidas commercials portraying how Exum's fame is about to change following the NBA Draft.

Here's a ranking of the five short commercials:

5. "Paparazzi"

Exum and his two friends plan a trip to Foot Locker, but the Australian hoops star is afraid the paparazzi might be there. His friends are unimpressed and Dante looks defeated.

4. "Autograph"

A friend catches Exum practicing his autograph at the kitchen table. At first, the point guard denies it, before an admission of guilt accompanied by a deep sigh.

3. "Reservation"

Exum attempts to make a restaurant reservation, but the voice on the other end of the phone has no idea who he is or how to spell his name.

2. "Dorky Neighbor"

Exum meets his neighbor, who asks him the nomenclature for "sneakers" in England, before Exum corrects him that he's actually Australian. As the neighbor is walking away, Exum shakes his head dejectedly after explaining that he's a basketball player.

1. "Fan Mail"

Exum tells a friend he needs to go through some fan mail before they can go to Foot Locker, but it's less "fan" and far more "junk."

-Brennan Smith

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