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Saturday! Saturday! SATURDAY!!! Watch a renegade Republican and daredevil Democrat tear up the track and mangle three tons of steel in their souped-up hot rods of doooooom!!

Arrive early and bring the kids.

The action goes down at the Salt Lake County Fair as Ben "The Orange Mangler" McAdams squares off with his arch-nemesis, Spencer "Spine Snapper" Cox, in a no-holds-barred demolition derby showdown to the death at the county's Equestrian Park and Event Center in South Jordan.

Or until Lt. Gov. Cox's security detail stops the carnage.

McAdams, the Salt Lake County mayor, issued the "Benolition Derby" challenge publicly via Facebook on Monday, the continuation of a friendly rivalry between the officeholders. The two had actually been working out details of the showdown since May.

The state's No. 2 executive got approval from his boss, Gov. Gary Herbert, before he agreed to the challenge.

"His exact words were, 'Well, I've replaced one lieutenant governor. I can do it again,' " Cox said.

The two won't be alone in the arena, as other drivers will be circling, looking to do damage, as well.

"They'll all be gunning for the politicians," said McAdams. "But it won't stop me from taking a good shot [at Cox] if he's there."

The winner, as in all demolition derbies, will be the last car that is mobile. It is McAdams' second time competing — he finished fifth in the Riverton Demolition Derby last month. It will be Cox's first time competing.

"That kid's from Fairview," McAdams said, "so he doesn't need practice."

McAdams assures no public money will be used in the stunt and both hope to raise money for charity.

McAdams is donating any money raised to the Sol Scholarship Foundation, which provides educational assistance to people or families dealing with drug or alcohol addiction. Cox is raising money for The Road Home homeless shelter.

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