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Tom Boyce's ("Treat all cyclists as self-absorbed children," August 22) and Richard Middleton's ("Cyclists need to follow rules of road," August 26) comments on road safety address only part of the problem. Safety on our roads depends on everyone:

1) following the rules (law) so that behavior is predictable. (Don't swerve from the middle lane to exit at the last possible moment.)

2) paying attention and not being distracted or under the influence while operating a moving vehicle of any kind (be on the lookout for the unexpected pedestrian or cyclist)

3) not being aggressive as if you are the only one trying to get somewhere (or showing off your 'fast as the speed of light' turbo).

4) being courteous to those who are sharing the road with you (don't speed up to cut us off when we are trying to merge), so we can all arrive safely. Is that so hard? Come on people.

Michael Feldman

Salt Lake City