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It wasn't that long ago that Democrats nationwide were angry over NSA privacy violations. But Democrats are violating citizens' privacy, too.

Five years ago, I moved to West Valley. To support my local legislators, I attended the Democratic caucus and signed what was presented as a volunteer list for my state representative's campaign. But my email address was shared with county and state organizations and every candidate running. I got emails from people I couldn't even vote for. After months of efforts, I was told it was off both state and county lists but was impossible to remove from all candidates' lists.

This year, the number of emails from all levels has increased. This past month I have received more than 10 emails from the party and candidates. Despite being assured that my email address had been removed from their mailing lists, it remains and continues to be shared. When Jim Dabakis took over as party chair, I started receiving from him, too. When he left the chairmanship, he took the email list with him. I continue to get emails from both him and from Save The Tribune.

Shame on you, Democrats and Mr. Dabakis.

Craig Berntson

West Valley City