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A man who sexually assaulted a BYU student in her apartment in March was sentenced to prison for up to 15 years on Tuesday.

Cyr Narcisse, 23, had pleaded guilty to second-degree felony counts of forcible sexual abuse and burglary.

On Tuesday, 4th District Judge Fred Howard sentenced the man to 1-to-15 year prison terms on each charge, ordering the sentences to run concurrent to one another.

"I am deeply and extremely sorry for what I've done," Narcisse told the judge before sentencing. "I regret it and I'm ashamed of it. This experience pretty much has brought me closer to God and humbles me a lot."

Narcisse's victim was in the courtroom during the sentencing hearing, but did not wish to make a statement to the judge.

"It's everyone's worst nightmare to be in your own home, to be asleep and hear an intruder come into your home and attack," prosecutor Sherry Ragan told the judge.

According to charges, the victim was awakened at 3 a.m. on March 18 when a man walked into her apartment. The victim left her bedroom and went into the hallway, where the man grabbed her and kissed her on the mouth, police wrote.

He allegedly told her not to be afraid and said, "All I want to do is touch you."

The man groped the woman under her shorts, police wrote; when she struggled, he put her in a headlock and hit her against a door handle, bruising her.

Narcisse admitted in court documents that he entered the woman's apartment that day "uninvited, [and] kissed her and touched her … without her consent."

The victim said the man spoke with an accent similar to a man who had given a ride to the victim and her roommate earlier that day. She described his car, which matched a car caught by surveillance video of her apartment at the time of the attack.

The car belonged to Narcisse's roommate, police wrote. Narcisse matched the victim's description of her attacker and later admitted to assaulting the woman, police wrote.

Narcisse was originally charged with first-degree felony aggravated burglary and second-degree felony forcible sexual abuse, but the burglary charge was amended as part of a plea deal with prosecutors.