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Posted: 8:56 AM- AMERICAN FORK - The skeletal remains unearthed by construction workers here last week may have belonged to an ancient Fremont Indian woman.

The Daily Herald reports today that researchers believe that about 900-1000 years ago, the woman's remains washed down a river into what is now the south side of American Fork.

Last week, a construction crew digging a trench for a water line discovered her skeleton, along with pottery shards.

State archeologists determined the remains belonged to a woman of American Indian ancestry. They used the pottery shards to help determine her age.

"We also found in the vicinity a few pieces of Fremont cultural pottery," Ron Rood, assistant state archeologist, told the Daily Herald. "It dates to about 900 to 1,000 years ago. I believe the skeleton dates to that same time period.

"The preliminary analysis suggests it is an adult female," he said.

The remains found in American Fork are now in the custody of the Utah Division of State History.