This is an archived article that was published on in 2007, and information in the article may be outdated. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted.

We are troubled by the continuing misleading reporting of The Salt Lake Tribune regarding Robert Murray and the tragic events that occurred at the Crandall Canyon Mine in August.

It is very important that your readers get the facts about Mr. Murray, UtahAmerican Energy, Inc. and Murray Energy Corp., as The Salt Lake Tribune has reported a very one-sided, unjustified series of articles related to Mr. Murray and our company.

I know the entire story because I arrived at the mine with Mr. Murray within four hours of when we were notified of the event early on the morning of Aug. 6, where we remained for the 23 days that ensued during this rescue effort.

Mr. Murray worked very closely with the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration in the rescue effort. Clearly, this tragedy demanded that all involved in the rescue work together and that all resources be brought in a coordinated and well-thought-out manner.

UtahAmerican was in charge of the mine and working under the direction of MSHA. It was Mr. Murray and UtahAmerican that brought in mining machinery and more than 200 miners to carry out the rescue effort. He never spared any effort to do whatever MSHA and the company's advisers believed was the proper course of action to rescue the trapped miners.

Throughout, Mr. Murray administered to the grieving families of the trapped miners. For the initial three days, he met with the families of the trapped miners every three hours. He provided a comfortable, secure environment for the families and saw to their every need.

Interpreters, pastors, counselors, doctors, nurses, and persons from other agencies were brought in to administer to the needs of the grieving families. Because he was getting no sleep, and the rescue needed full attention, the meetings continued daily, thereafter, at 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

As the days progressed, in my opinion, Mr. Murray gained great credibility with the media. He received letters of support for being a standup CEO who was consistent, honest, sincere and compassionate with the families of the victims and with the public in general.

And then came Aug. 16. During the rescue efforts, even though the best possible roof support plan was developed by MSHA and the company after consulting many of the best technical advisers in the country, another event resulted in the fatal injury of three persons and the injury of six others.

Immediately, on learning of this event, Mr. Murray grabbed a light and hard hat and went underground in an attempt to rescue the trapped miners.

After Aug. 16, Mr. Murray was absent from the media interviews for a few days, as he was administering to these new victims - who are heroes - and managing the rescue effort in conjunction with MSHA.

There is no one that we know that is more committed to the safety of his employees than Bob Murray. Since acquiring UtahAmerican on Aug. 9, 2006, he has undertaken numerous safety and other training programs and implemented new safety procedures.

The events that occurred at the Crandall Canyon Mine in August were tragic, especially for the families that lost loved ones. We are deeply saddened by these events, and we grieve for the loss of our miners, and for their families.


* ROBERT D. MOORE is senior vice president and chief financial officer of Murray Energy Corp.