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Posted: 1:57 PM- A Salt Lake Tribune poll found little hope for the implementation of Utah's education voucher program that must be approved by voters in a referendum Tuesday.

The poll, conducted by the Washington, D.C.-based Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, asked: If you were voting today, would you vote "FOR" or "AGAINST" the voucher bill taking effect?

Fifty-six percent of likely voters polled said they would vote against vouchers while 36 percent said they would vote in support of vouchers.

Only 8 percent remained undecided.

The program, which would provide vouchers for private school tuition of $500 to $3,000, depending on income level, narrowly passed in the Legislature. An opposition petition drive last summer forced it into a referendum, where it will be decided Tuesday by voters.

The media campaign, including a blitz of TV and radio spots, to sway Utahns for or against the issue has consumed $8.5 million so far. Most of the opposition cash has come from teachers unions. Most of the supporters' cash comes from chief executive Patrick Byrne.