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PROVO - Former FBI agent Carlos Villar told a 4th District Judge today that the men accused of killing Kiplyn Davis made inconsistent statements to investigators, which attracted attention to them.

Villar said that Christopher Neal Jeppson had initially said he was helping Timmy Brent Olsen and David Rucker Leifson install lawn sprinklers the day the Spanish Fork teen disappeared, but later said he was hanging lights in the Spanish Fork High School auditorium.

Villar said Olsen's story went from working on sprinklers to helping Scott Brunson shingle a shed because it was raining that day. Villar testified at the preliminary hearing for Olsen and Jeppson.

But defense attorneys Scott Williams challenged Villar on his recollection of the investigation into Kiplyn's disappearance in 1995.

Williams questioned why Villar had not taped most of his interviews with Jeppson and Olsen. The only transcripts were from interviews done at the Spanish Fork Police Department.

Villar said FBI policy at the time was to not record interviews, but the Spanish Fork department was the lead agency and its policy of recording was followed during the sessions its officers conducted the interviews.