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Daniel D. Thompson's business catered to Utah residents offended by something as racy as a PG-13 movie. Now the former film sanitizer is accused of a crime by Orem police that is far more salacious than any date movie.

Thompson, 31, and Isaac R. Lifferth, 24, were arrested in Orem this week on suspicion of having sex with two 14-year-old girls. Orem police say the teenagers wanted to earn money to move out of their homes and offered sexual favors to men.

According to booking documents, the girls asked a 16-year-old friend to put them in touch with anyone who would pay for sex. The 16-year-old sent out text messages to several friends with the solicitation and Lifferth responded. He arranged to meet both girls on Jan. 19 in Orem, then traveled to an apartment where he paid each girl $20 for oral sex, documents state.

The 14-year-olds contacted Lifferth again on Jan. 22 for additional work. Lifferth asked the girls to go with him to the Flix Club and perform oral sex on Thompson, the company's co-owner, the documents state.

When the girls arrived at the Flix Club, 908 S. State St., Thompson accompanied them to the back of the store and asked if they were of legal age. The teens said they were 18, performed oral sex on Thompson and left the store with Lifferth, who paid them a total of $20 for the deed, the documents state.

Police said the scheme was exposed when one of the girls' mothers found a $20 bill and asked where she got the money.

Thompson and Lifferth were booked into the Utah County jail on suspicion of sexual abuse and unlawful sex with a 14-year-old. Lifferth also admitted to having sex with the teenagers' 16-year-old friend on multiple occasions, according to the documents.

Thompson formerly operated Clean Flix - a business in Orem that edited feature films to remove or alter conduct deemed inappropriate for children or discriminating movie-goers. The store closed in December after threats of legal action from Hollywood studios.

The booking documents state Thompson told the 14-year-olds that his film sanitizing business was a cover for a pornography studio. He asked the girls if they would participate in making a porn movie, but they refused, the documents state.

Police found a "large quantity" of pornographic movies inside the business, along with a keg of beer, painkillers and two cameras hooked up to a television. Thompson told police he didn't know the teenagers were under 18 or that they were paid for sex. He said pornography found at the business was for "personal use," according to the documents.

Thompson was released Friday after posting $30,000 bail. Lifferth remained in the Utah County jail late Friday, with bail set at $30,000.

Formal charges have not been filed against either man. Calls to Thompson's phone number went unanswered Friday.