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* Tom Green County District Judge Barbara Walther signed search warrants allowing officials onto the YFZ Ranch. She will oversee litigation over the children's futures.

* Attorney Allison Palmer, assistant district attorney for the 51st District, was involved in requesting search warrants for the YFZ Ranch. She has also served as a spokeswoman for District Attorney Steve Lupton.

* Attorney Gary Banks has appeared in court and prepared filings for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

* Lawyers Randol Stout and Carmen Dusek are attorneys ad litem appointed by Judge Barbara Walther to coordinate proceedings involving 416 children taken from the YFZ Ranch.

* Rod Parker, a Salt Lake City attorney representing the FLDS families in Texas. He has helped handle the sect's legal affairs in the past.

* Kenneth Isenberg, a San Antonio attorney representing the FLDS sect.

* Nathan Butler, a San Angelo attorney, represents Merrill Jessop.

* Gerald Goldstein, a San Antonio attorney, is representing Lyle Jeffs.

* Evan Pierce Jones, a San Angelo attorney, is representing

Isaac Jeffs.

* Amy Hennington, a San Angelo attorney, is representing FLDS fathers.