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Updated: 4:17 PM- An FLDS female whose age is in dispute delivered a boy in a San Marcos hospital Tuesday, accompanied by Texas Rangers and CPS workers, an attorney said.

Attorney Rod Parker, an FLDS spokesman, said Pamela Jeffs is 18 - the same age shown for her on a court document prepared by Texas Child Protective Services.

Jeffs is one of 26 females CPS has now classified as minors, an assessment that the FLDS said Monday was erroneous.

"Her husband is 22 and they are a monogamous couple," Parker said. He said Jeffs' husband is not at the hospital with her.

The couple also have a 16-month-old son, who is being held at The Children's Shelter in Austin. Parker said Jeffs is at the Central Texas Medical Center and that he had been told Texas Rangers and CPS workers were with her.

"We're not sure what their intention is with respect to that baby," he said. CPS has allowed mothers to remain with infants 12 months old or younger who are in state custody.

Texas authorities have custody of 463 children from the YFZ Ranch, owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The children are in group homes and shelters throughout Texas.

State officials removed the children from the ranch after alleging they were in danger because of the sect promotes underage and polygamous marriages.