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Rod Tiede has helped shape Broadcast International into a force in pushing video over satellite for private companies and now is launching new technology he says will revolutionize broadcasting to a variety of screens, including your mobile phone.

Rachael Herrscher has parlayed an idea by two mothers in a shopping mall into an expanding network of Web sites that cater to parents looking for resources for their kids.

Tiede and Herrscher are new entries this year on the vSpring Capital Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs in Utah. The annual list is sponsored by vSpring and those selected are nominated by the business community, with the final list voted on by the nominees themselves.

The list is intended to highlight the successes of entrepreneurs who are building new or expanding existing businesses in the state.

This year's list released Monday includes 52 new honorees not named on past lists. All are being honored at a June 9 luncheon at Grand America hotel in Salt Lake City.

Tiede, president and CEO of Broadcast International, has been at the Midvale company for 22 of its 26 years, including the past 10 as CEO. The company broadcasts video for in-house networks for companies such as Morgan Stanley, Caterpillar and Bank of America. It also is marketing a new video-compression technology that it says allows users to push high-quality videos in smaller bandwidth to a set-top box on a television, a computer, a mobile phone or a screen like on a digital sign.

"It's a great, new video-compression technology that's going to change the world," said Tiede, who said IBM, Microsoft and others are already incorporating the software into their products.

Herrscher, of Salt Lake City, is cofounder and CEO of, which sprung from a conversation she was having with cofounder Stephanie Peterson in a mall about not being able to find comprehensive guides to resources for kids, such as music lessons or sports teams. They published a book of Salt Lake area resources in 2004, then quickly began to print similar guides for other cities.

Now, with the social networking revolution underway with the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, they have transformed the books into Web spaces aimed at specific cities and embarking on a new business model.

"Social media has changed so much of what we do in a way that is akin almost to the industrial revolution," she said.

The company pays local bloggers on its 27 Web sites. The sites also feature information and advertising from kids destinations such as zoos and other companies, she said.

The company also is sponsoring a conference on social networking in June at The Canyons Ski Resort (

The v100 was created in 2004 by vSpring Capital, a venture capital firm with more than $400 million under its management.

David Anderson, a partner at vSpring, said that the recession may actually be driving business creation.

"In a down market, entrepreneurship tends to thrive," he said. "Guys who aren't able to get corporate jobs or lose their corporate jobs are deciding to dabble in entrepreneurship. Some of the top companies like Yahoo and Google were founded in down markets."

But he also said this year's v100 list seems to contain younger people than in the past.

vSpring Capital Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs

Peter Abilla, continuous improvement officer »

Jason Alba, CEO/founder »

Rick Alden, CEO » Skullcandy

Curt Allen, partner » Agilix Labs

Paul Allen, CEO »

Amy Rees Anderson, founder » MediConnect Global

Jeremy Andrus, president » Skullcandy

Matt Asay, chief operating officer » Canonical

Pete Ashdown, CEO » XMission

Don Atkinson, CEO » ClearPlay

Dave Bascom, CEO »

David Bateman, CEO » Property Solutions

Jay Bean, CEO » OrangeSoda

Grant Beckmann, executive vice president » Move Networks

Brain Beutler, founder/CEO » Alianza

Ragula Bhaskar, president/CEO » FatPipe Networks

Clayton Blackham, vice president » Snapp Conner PR

Brock Blake, executive director » Funding Universe

Mark Bonham, partner » SageCreek Partners

William Borghetti, CEO » Sendside Networks

Ryan Bott, director of sales » Fusion-io

David Bradford, CEO » Fusion-io

Stead Burwell, CEO » Alliance Health Networks

Greg Butterfield, managing partner » SageCreek Partners

Ryan Caldwell, founder/CEO » EnticeLabs

Josh Carr, president » FatPlug

David Carter, manager » Upside Investments

Don Cash, vice president mid-market sales » Omniture

Carine Strom Clark, CEO » Symantec

Josh Coates, instructor » BYU Computer Science Dept.

Cheryl Snapp Conner, managing partner, Snapp Conner PR

Brian Cummings, director » U of U Technology Commercialization Office

Nicole Toomey Davis, director» Center of Excellence, Governor's Office of Economic Development

Mike Dodson, CEO » iFan Media

Ed Donakey, strategic relations »


Adam Edmunds, vice president » Allegiance

David Elkington, CEO »

James Endicott, president/CEO » Exact Wave

Deborah Eppstein, president/CEO » Q Therapeutics

Dan Farr, CEO » DAZ 3D

Eric Farr, executive officer » BrainStorm

Vicki Farrar, CEO » Catheter Connections

Christian Faulconer, vice president, marketing » Franchise Foundry

Stephen Fulling, founder/CEO » Kynetx

Clark Gilbert, CEO » Deseret Digital Media

Gary Goodrich, president/CEO » ProPay

Mick Hagen, founder, vice president » Zinch

Jeremy Hanks, cofounder, chairman and president » Doba

Greg Heaps, business development » Allegiance

Matt Heaton, CEO » BlueHost

Rachael Herrscher, cofounder/CEO »

Tim Hunt, CEO » Go Natural CNG

Karl Israelsen, partner » Carman, Lehnhof, Israelsen

Josh James, senior vice president/general manager » Omniture

J.D. Jeppson, vice president sales and service » Allegiance,

Greg Jones, executive director of research » John A. Moran Eye Center, U of U

Justin Jory, managing director » Scalar Partners

Ashok Joshi, president/CEO » CERAMATEC

Stan Kanarowski, CEO » Scintalla

Jeremy Kartchner, partner » Snapp Conner PR

Ken Kaufman, founder/CEO » CFO Wise

Maile Keone, chief marketing officer » Lava7

Trajan King, cofounder »

Dwain Kinghorn, partner » SageCreek Partners

Abraham Knell, CEO » WhyTry

Chris Knudsen, senior vice president »

Ken Krogue, president/cofounder »

Robert Kunz Jr., founder/CEO » KnowledgeBlue

Bruce Law, president » Sprout Marketing

Alexander Lawrence, president/CEO » TwitJump

Darren Lee, CEO » NextPage

Scott C. Lemon, president/chief technology officer » Human Xtensions

Richard J. Linder, CEO » Coherex Medical

Kyle Love, managing partner » Pro-Motion Action

Dave McGinn, chief operating officer » Agilix Labs

Glenn Mella, president » Control4

Derek Miner, cofounder »

Clarke Miyasaki, founder » Skullcandy

Ryan Money, partner » Franchise Foundry

Eric Montague, founder/CEO » Executech

Jed Morley, president » Outrigger Marketing

Tom Ngo, vice president » Disney Research

Brandt Page, director, customer acquisition » Launch Sales and Marketing

Russ Page, chief operating officer » Fifty Studio

Michael Paul, CEO » Lineagen

Brad Pelo, CEO/cofounder » i.TV

Ben Peterson, president » Bamboo HR

Andrew Pincock, operations head » LotusJump

Nate Quigley, CEO » LiveTV

Andrew Raguskus, CEO » OtoKinetics

Adam Slovik, CEO » RemedyMD

Eric Smith, cofounder » Control4

John Sperry, CEO » Mindshare Technologies

Jesse Stay II, founder, CEO »

Tim Sullivan, president/CEO »

Jack W. Sunderlage, president/CEO » ContentWatch

Benoy Tamang, cofounder/CEO » Shopping Nanny

Alan Taylor, president » DirectPointe

Cydni Tetro, chief marketing officer »

Kent Thomas, founder/CEO » CFO Solutions

Ron Tiede, president/CEO » Broadcast International

Brandon Warburton, CEO »

Will West, CEO » Control4

Greg Whisenant, CEO » Public Engines/

Tyler Whitaker, CEO » TM Ventures

Hal Widlansky, CEO » Mangia Technologies

Phil Windley, chief technology officer » Kynetx

Clark Winegar, president/CEO » Mustache Power Productions

John Wirthlin, CEO » AlloCure

Mark Wolfgramm, vice president » Agilix

Dan Young, chief operating officer » PC Laptops

Tony Zito, CEO » mediaFORGE

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