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Rep. Chris Cannon has easily outraised challenger Jason Chaffetz, but the six-term incumbent congressman has less than $10,000 to carry him down the home stretch of the primary election race.

The Cannon campaign says it has raised $70,000 since the June 4 cut off for the report to the Federal Elections Commission, and the campaign is not tapped out.

"It is just a snapshot and we are continuing to raise money," said Nathan Rathbun, spokesman for the campaign. "We really have raised, since that closing date, at least $70,000 and we're continuing to raise money every day, so we'll have the resources we need to get the congressman's message out."

Cannon's campaign has reported $23,000 in contributions from June 4 to June 10.

Campaign reports from the two candidates show that Cannon has burned through nearly $662,000 during his re-election bid, compared with Chaffetz' $98,664. But Chaffetz had $65,165 left in his campaign account, while Cannon has just $9,259 left, according to pre-primary reports filed Thursday by the candidates.

"I'm just thrilled with where we're at," said Chaffetz. He has received donations from more than 400 people, including dozens in the past several days. "We'll continue to raise money, but I fully intend to win."

Cannon has loaned his campaign $137,962, while Chaffetz has given his campaign $10,000. But Chaffetz said his contribution is not a loan, and if he's elected he won't raise money to repay himself.

Cannon also owes $132,500 to advertising consultants, pollsters and others, some of the expenses dating back to his 2006 campaign.

"I refuse to go into debt. I think it's wrong for Mr. Cannon to be so far in debt," Chaffetz said.

Ninety percent of the $103,600 that Cannon raised since the Republican Party state convention - where Chaffetz came within 10 votes of ousting his rival - came from out-of-state donors, mainly Washington D.C.-area lobbyists and political action committees.

Chaffetz contrasts the out-of-state support with his fundraising, which came mainly from inside Utah. That is not uncommon for challengers, who are less able to raise money elsewhere.

Rathbun said that the political committees that gave to Cannon had ties to the state.

By the numbers

Campaign checkbook balances:

* Cannon: $9,259

* Chaffetz: $65,165

Campaign checks written:

* Cannon: $662,000

* Chaffetz: $98,664