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December 27, 2012 • The Polygamy Blog by Lindsay Whitehurst
If pictures truly say 1,000 words then here would be the polygamy stories told in 2012. There were young women who left Warren Jeffs' rule to have a better life. There were people in and out of a polygamous relationships who tried to help other... Full Story
December 29, 2012 • The Polygamy Blog by Lindsay Whitehurst
Where else but Utah will you see this list? There were developments in the UEP trust case, at the FLDS ranch in Texas and for the polygamous families on television in 2012. Here's a list of the top five polygamy stories of 2012. You can discuss... Full Story
December 31, 2012 • The Polygamy Blog by Lindsay Whitehurst
The fate of a remote polygamous ranch in Texas remained in limbo Monday after attorneys agreed to wait until the end of the week before lawyers for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) are required to respond to the ... Full Story
January 2, 2013 • By Brady Mccombs The Associated Press
Salt Lake City • One-third of a federal civil rights lawsuit against two polygamous towns on the Utah-Arizona border has been dismissed. The U.S. Justice Department opted not to contest a ruling by a federal judge that Colorado City, Ariz., and Hild... Full Story
January 5, 2013 • The Polygamy Blog by Lindsay Whitehurst
On Monday, The Tribune is scheduled to publish an article about the three specific options for ending Utah's involvement in the United Effort Plan and somehow giving or returning property to residents of Hildale and Colorado City. The options w... Full Story
January 18, 2013 • By Nate Carlisle And Jim Dalrymple Ii The Salt Lake Tribune
It was like the arguments over polygamy people have had in coffee shops, bars and on Internet message boards. And maybe like the arguments people had as Utah was seeking statehood. But this argument happened Thursday in a federal courtroom, where l... Full Story
February 15, 2013 • The Polygamy Blog by Lindsay Whitehurst
Reporter Jim Dalrymple II and photographer Trent Nelson are covering this morning's court hearing concerning the state's management of the United Effort Plan. Based on a new court filing, it appears the hearing will showcase a conflict over... Full Story
February 15, 2013 • By Jim Dalrymple Ii The Salt Lake Tribune
A complex case involving millions of dollars of land and other assets in Utah and Arizona polygamous communities inched toward resolution Friday with all sides appearing to favor returning control of the trust to the towns' residents. The sid... Full Story
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