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March 30, 2013 • By Denitza Blagev
Medical training is a transforming experience for those who endure it. We enter hallowed halls as bright kids wanting to help people, and somehow, by the end, we exit as doctors who can't always see past our own busy schedules to be kind to our ... Full Story
June 8, 2013 • By Denitza P. Blagev The Salt Lake Tribune
It annoys me to no end whenever I hear economists talk about healthcare as if it's a commodity. They seem to think that if healthcare costs patients nothing, we'd all be lined up for appendectomies the way we line up for iPads. The truth i... Full Story
May 4, 2013 • By Denitza P. Baglev
"Do you at least take the oxygen off when you smoke?" I asked the patient, a man I'll call Mr. Smith. I was seeing him for end-stage emphysema. He was dependent on oxygen 24/7 and still smoking two packs a day. "Oh, no," he said, "I'm too ... Full Story