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Dear Mr. Frommer,

In regard to your recent call for a boycott on Kanab, Utah, please understand that only a small number of people agree with our city council regarding the Natural Family Proclamation.

No business in Kanab had any input regarding this proclamation. In fact, we were among the first to write letters to the editor in our local newspaper, condemning this proclamation and begging the mayor and city council to rescind it.

Local citizens demanded a public hearing on the issue, also begging the council to rescind. As you know, the lone female council member asked to rescind, but the male council and the mayor refused. One member went so far as to say" If every person in Kanab asked me to rescind, I would refuse."

We are a recently formed group of business owners who call ourselves "Kanab Boosters" and our mission is to over-turn the proclamation and regain our reputation as a tourist-friendly town. After all, tourism is our major industry. Most people in Kanab depend on tourism for our livelihood. You might have read by now that the proclamation has little public support, even among the majority Mormon population.

Kanab consists of a diverse population. There are gays, single parents, people of color, working mothers, kind, charming, intelligent, well-traveled people, (who even buy and use Frommer's travel guide books) plus any variety of folk you find in any community.

We understand your desire to call for a boycott of Kanab because people often feel they have little voice in issues, other than voting with their pocketbooks. However, a boycott will only hurt the residents of Kanab, not our city council. The citizens are now mobilized, working diligently to over-turn the council's actions.

We have contacted our governor, the state attorney general, our U.S. Senator and the media.

The ultra-conservative Sutherland Institute does not speak for Kanab, and ultimately, neither will this city council.

Please reconsider your call for a boycott. You have a great deal of influence in the travel world and we need your help. Feel free to call any of us with questions.

Thank you for your time.


Vicky Cooper