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Posted: 11:42 AM- Police search dogs tracking an inmate who escaped Sunday from a jail in southern Utah have found a trail of blood, suggesting the man was injured during his flight to freedom.

Authorities followed the blood trail outside Purgatory Correctional Facility Sunday night in hopes of recapturing Doyle Pope Dockstader.

The 28-year-old inmate, who was serving time for assault and illegal weapon possession, climbed several exercise yard fences early in the evening and disappeared while a guard was attending to an injured prisoner in the yard, said Washington County Sheriff's Lt.

Jake Adams.

As of 10:30 a.m. Monday, Dockstader was still on the loose, but police believe he is still in southern Utah.

Local hospital have been notified to contact police if Dockstader is admitted for treatment for his wounds.

Authorities involved in the search, including the sheriff's office, the Utah Department of Corrections and St. George police, believe Dockstader may have stolen an old truck from a local landfill Sunday night. The truck was later found abandon about five miles from the dump, and authorities say Dockstader may have used it to drive around for a while, though they won't say where.

Police have also made contact with friends and family members of Dockstader who live in the area. So far, nobody has seen him, Adams said.

Dockstader had been incarcerated for assault and possession of a weapon by a restricted person involving domestic violence. He is believed to be armed and dangerous, but Adams said there is no indication he is carrying a weapon.

Adams did not release details about how the inmate in the jail yard was injured. The man was still in the facility, however, and his wounds were not life threatening, Adams said.