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Gigi Brandt called Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s office Tuesday to request he veto SB155, which exempts EnergySolutions from certain public review and governmental approval if it wants to expand its hazardous waste capacity.

She was waiting on hold until she suddenly was connected to another caller urging the veto of SB155.

Rather than just talking to each other, the complainants hung up and tried again. A receptionist apologized, saying the governor had been inundated with calls against that bill.

Incidentally, a Salt Lake Tribune story in January reported the Radiation Control Division received 666 comments on EnergySolutions' latest expansion request.

Congratulations: Former congresswoman and current acting Republican State Chairwoman Enid Greene married a fellow politician the first time around.

That didn't turn out too well, seeing how her former husband eventually became a felon. So this time, she is marrying a cop.

Greene divorced first husband Joe Waldholtz, her congressional campaign manager in 1994, after her organization was accused of violating campaign finance laws. Waldholtz eventually went to prison.

After leaving Congress and keeping a fairly low profile, Greene has made a political comeback with her election as state Republican vice chair and selection as lieutenant governor running mate to GOP gubernatorial runner-up Nolan Karras in 2004.

Now, she is engaged to Scott Mickelsen, a Salt Lake County Sheriff's deputy.

She is busy planning the state GOP convention this summer, and Mickelsen is involved in the National Sheriffs Association Convention in June, so they haven't had time to set a date. Plus, they both have six-graders graduating from elementary school this year.

Words vs. Actions: Does anyone find it confusing that Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. has formed a Blue Ribbon Task Force on Climate Change, stressing his commitment to alternative, nonpolluting energy, while his energy adviser, Laura Nelson, promotes slashing tax incentives for the installation of solar panels in single family homes because the tax breaks might interfere with Huntsman's effort to pass a flat tax?

Or what about the commitment to pollution control while the governor rides around in a gas-guzzling, state-issued SUV, while his administration has closed state-owned natural gas fueling stations to the public?


Heard on the hill: During a discussion in the House Government Operations Committee on a resolution reaffirming the words, "Under God," in the Pledge of Allegiance, some questioned whether that would make atheists uncomfortable.

Rep. Curtis Oda, R-Clearfield, responded: "Elders, this is completely non-denominational."

Leave well enough alone? The Deseret Morning News ran a correction in its online edition Sunday, fixing some erroneous information about TRAX schedules.

The headline over the correction said: "Corection."