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I was deeply saddened to read about Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff's financial troubles as a result of his 2007 motorcycle accident ("A.G. reports sizable debt after surgeries," Tribune , July 10). Turns out his huge medical bills are causing him quite a financial headache, despite having arguably the best health insurance in the state.

Oh, well, with his $153,839-plus annual income, I'm sure he'll find a way to muddle through. For the rest of us, we can rest easy, knowing that Shurtleff hasn't changed his mind about health care, and that we will have no subversive socialized plots in the guise of a single-payer health care program to take away our American freedoms.

The fact that an American citizen making an average salary and facing these types of medical expenses would be crushed and likely left destitute should in no way deter us from our goal to keep the private sector's health care profits as high as possible.

Keep up the fight, Mark, on behalf of us all!

Pablo Tokarz

Salt Lake City