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This short Hike of the Week begins on Terrace Hills Drive. Take the Shoreline Trail on the west side of the street and head up between two houses. The paved trail quickly turns to dirt and rock. The path curves up the hill until it comes to a fork in front of the water tank. Here, take the path that turns slightly left. Check out the views of the city below. The path winds northwest and north. At .6 miles there is another fork in the trail. Take the trail right and head down the hill through trees and bushes bursting with orange, yellow and green leaves. The trail will curve again and head back west through a beautiful golden meadow. At the third fork, at .8 miles, turn right. The path soon heads into City Creek Canyon. There will be a sign. Follow the trail down a steep embankment and at mile 1.1 turn right onto a skinny trail. After about 100 feet, at the bottom of another short section, look right where two old cars are resting nose down in a thin canyon. After checking out the cars, follow the leaf-littered trail Southeast up the hill and back onto Shoreline Trail. Return the way you came.

From South Temple, head north on I Street through the Avenues neighborhood. After about a mile, near the top of the hill, turn left onto North Hills Drive and follow the curve all the way around. Continue on 18th Avenue. Go through the stop sign at Little Valley Road and then turn left at the next street, Terrace Hills Drive. Park in the cul-de-sac a few hundred yards away. The trailhead is on the west side of the street.

Destination » Old Cars

Hiking time » 70 minutes

Round trip miles » 2.4 miles

Elevation gain » 186 feet

Difficulty » Easy

Trailhead restrooms » No

Dogs allowed » Yes

Bikes allowed » Yes