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A collective high-pitched hallelujah likely went up recently among Mormon women when the LDS Church changed its policy to allow female employees in the church's Salt Lake City headquarters to forsake their pantyhose and go barelegged.This follows a similar move from last summer, loosening the pantyhose requirements for "sister missionaries," young LDS women spreading the faith full time across the globe.The pantyhose requirement was particularly onerous to young women serving in tropical climates such as Brazil and Uganda, where the nylon would cling uncomfortably to sweaty legs.On top of that, these young women are now allowed to wear "brighter colors, patterns and even accessories," according to a story at The move was intended "to make sister missionaries' appearance more inviting to investigators [potential converts]."The church also is allowing sister missionaries to shorten their skirts above mid-calf but are still required "to cover the knees when sitting or standing," the story said. "Sisters are still required to maintain their appearance of modesty, wearing conservative outfits that consist of professional suits, skirts, blouses, jackets, sweaters and dresses."Peggy Fletcher Stack