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An 18-month-old baby girl, pulled from the wreckage of a Spanish Fork River crash that killed her mother, was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon, after what her family is calling a "miracle" recovery.

The toddler, Lily Groesbeck, was rushed to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City on Saturday after police and firefighters found her dangling upside down from her car seat in the partially submerged vehicle — 12 hours after a Friday night crash that killed her mother.

The mother, 25-year-old Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck of Springville, was dead at the scene.

Initially clinging to life, Lily has since made a rapid recovery, one her father, 34-year-old Devin Trafny, said was miraculous.

"It's a miracle. The doctors say it's a miracle," said Trafny, who has conducted a bedside vigil at his daughter's side for several days. "I'm blessed. I'm counting all my blessings."

Trafny, his voice breaking at times, said he also was mourning the loss of "the love of my life," his fiancee and the mother of his child.

"Lily came into the hospital Saturday in critical condition, and today she's in great condition," he stated. "She's happy, playing, talking and even reciting her nursery rhymes. Except for a few bruises, she has made a remarkable recovery.

"I am grateful for my daughter's life, and I want to thank everyone who helped her in this difficult experience, the doctors and staff at the hospital and the rescue teams. She is alive today because of all of you," Trafny added. "Now we will focus on rebuilding our lives after the loss of Lily's mother, Jenny."

Primary Children's Hospital spokeswoman Bonnie Midget confirmed that the child was released late Wednesday afternoon.

Spanish Fork police believe Groesbeck initially crashed into the side of a bridge near Arrowhead Trail and Main Street about 10:30 p.m. Friday, and that the car then plunged into the river.

A fisherman initially spotted the partially submerged, upside-down car about noon Saturday and called 911.

Spanish Fork police Lt. Matt Johnson said the mother died on impact "due to massive trauma."

The cause of the accident remained under investigation.

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